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"Fahion becomes out of date, style never"

Gabrielle Chanel, also known as Coco Chanel, was one of the most historically recognised designers. Half a century after her death we still are under the influence of these tweed suits, little black dresses and pearls dynasty that she herself imposed.

We celebrate her 50th death anniversary with nostalgia, but with no sadness, grateful to have had a great pioneer who revolutionized the fashion world and reflected the empowerment of women in her desings. Coco always believed in women and her decision-making ability, that’s why she tried to portray through her desings; using tweed, a material that was generally used for man’s clothes or imposing the woman suit (which is still used by celebrities and people around the world). 

She started to sew at a very early age in the orphanage where she grew up, but it wasn’t until 1910 when she first opened her headdresses shop in Rue Cambon 21, Paris. After the opening and the undeniable success, she started to open the following boutiques. Soon, the second world war broke out and she had to close her shops, except for the one on the number 31 of the Rue Cambon. Many claim that se remained innovative after this disastrous situation.  

After many years of influence, success and inspiration, sadly, she passed away the 10th of January of 1971 in the Ritz Hotel Paris, where she had lived for 30 years. And even in this situation she gave us a lesson saying these words “May my legend prosper and thrive. I wish it a long and happy life”. And she was right, after 50 years we continue to pay tribute to that wonderful woman who managed to revolutionize fashion for woman.

He left us an immortal legacy that still stands today, she created a black dynasty as she said to Paul Monrad “I imposed black; it is still going strong today, for black wipes out everything else around”. She taught us the importance of pearls and accessories, brought the sailor striped shirts, the bicolor shoes, chain belts and lots of tweed suits. But more than that, she taught us elegance, her lifestyle, her inspirational quotes and lessons that surely we have all heard anywhere, since it will always be there, wherever you go. She taught us the ruinous simplicity, the search for what went unnotices, the silent luxury.

Thanks Gabrielle. 

All credits for Little Book of Chanel and Inside Chanel

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