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How do you explain a whole visual world to people who are not able to see? – Camila Chiriboga

Camila Chiriboga (22), a young Ecuadorian graduate, from Parsons in New York, and fashion designer, made THIS her goal and we can say, she aced it. But how did she come to the decision that she could use her designs for a change?

It all started two years ago when she was hospitalized and decided to adapt her hospital gown in order for it to be more practical and comfortable for her time being there. Soon after this, she realized that by combining her innovations with her designs she could leave her print in the world in a far better way than by creating dream dresses for the red carpet. Before you know it, she had already created a clothing line focused on those who suffer from diabetes and kidney related diseases.
That’s when the SKIN: Collection – D was born. A collection where all the clothes are made with the sole purpose of making people’s lives easier. Every garment in the line goes hand-by-hand with the new technologies and treatments that rise in the medical field, making the treatment of the disease much handier anywhere.

Quickly after, she created the VEº Collection as her final project. The line concentrates on providing independence and experience to those that are visually impaired. After carrying out a thorough research, Camila concluded that in order to accomplish her goal each piece inside her line would have to include a set of things, such as:
A barcode, that can be scanned with the camera in a phone

  • Reversible fabrics
  • Textiles rich in textures and as resistant as possible to dirt
  • Safe zippers and accessible pockets

But to make everything better, she collaborated with an Ecuadorian shoe brand, PANCOS, and another member of the Parson’s alumni, to develop intelligent shoes that include GPS technology to prevent people from getting lost. The shoes work with a vibration system that informs the users when they are going the wrong way.


  • All images: www.camichiriboga.com
  •  Video:  Camila Chiriboga Youtube
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