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Temperatures rise and, don’t you have the summer trend yet?

Irina Shaik y el estiloso bañador de Calzedonia
Irina Shayk posing with her new stylish Calzedonia swimsuit.

The Russian model Irina Shayk has not hesitated to be seen with the new summer trend that will become a crush for many eyes: an aquamarine velvet swimsuit from Calzedonia, one of the brands of which she is sponsor. She announced her new acquisition to her millions of followers, through her Instagram account, publishing a snapshot where she wrote the following:


The model, specifically the “Velvet Monica” is a full, simple, luminous chenille swimsuit that favors all those tanned skins with which we have dreamed since the beginning of summer.
Unlike the many swimsuits that jump every day to the pool, the “Velvet Monica” is an original model for the use of a fabric that isn’t usual to wear in the hot season of the year.
The first thought that you possibly had over the fabric, I also had it and that is that the velvet is a cold seasonal material and should surely weigh once wet.
But no, you have to give it a try and let it submerge in the depths of our beaches and pools.
The same has made the Italian firm Calzedonia, informing (you can check on their website) that the new product is made with an innovative fabric, breathable and resistant to all elements of summer: sun, salt water and chlorine.

This firm has not been the only one to join the original trend. We can find this “must” in our “low cost” stores:  AsosBershkaShein...

Swimsuit in velvet adorned by tiny tacks. (Asos, €19.99)
Don’t you dare with the swimsuits? For the more traditional, Bershka brings us a beautiful velvet bikini. (Bershka. €22,98)
Shein throws us a swimsuit with a plunging neckline. Will you be the one who wears this brilliant swimsuit? (Shein, €11.95)

If you still don’t like this option, to shine your skin with this fabric that comes from the cold to stay also in the heat, I inform you that it will be the best expense of your life.
This swimsuit will have a double use for you, you can use it to wet it in the waters or to go out for drinks one day at night, using it as a “body”. Here are two examples of “outfits” to be able to let them walk the streets this holiday.

So if your great fear was the fabric, you can leave it behind and arm yourself with the new swimsuit sponsored by Irina Shayk. In addition, you can buy it on the website of the brand in two different tones: agumarina  or  negro, for €39.
What do you say, do you dare shinning how Irina does with the new jewel of summer?

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