“A woman who loves fashion, law, white summers at Cadaqués and disclosing what is harmonious and beautiful of fashion in order to learn more about it” That’ s Anna Alegret.


Anna has managed to combine her two passions: fashion and law, producing her greatest creation, which overflows with creativity and has become her personal hallmark: “Derecho en Tendencia”. As a lawyer, she wanted to move Business Law closer to her followers, specifically Intellectual Property and Fashion Law and Business, – read about Fashion Law in our magazine-.

She studied Law at the University of Barcelona and educated herself at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Organization). Nowadays she is assistant at AEDM (“Asociación de Expertos en Derechos de la Moda) in which the employees collaborate with sectoral institutions, brands, creators and professional directly or indirectly connected with the fashion area.

She decided to create a blog in which she could compile all the interesting information about fashion: from the history of designers and brands to news and articles which deal with current legal and fashion topics such as the ones related to the intellectual and industrial property, law suits between brands, societies, electronic trade or business models. Her strategy on social networks has enabled her to reach to many people whom she shares her knowledge and inspires by means of a moodboard of the last tendencies, fashion shows and her daily outfits – perfect for any working girl -. 

” Fashion is not something that exists only in dresses. Fashion is at the sky, at the streets. Fashion has to do with the ideas, the way we live, the events that are taking place”

Fashion is a <<lifestyle>> for Ana Alegret, as Coco Chanel saidl 

Anna Alegret


Who Anna Alegret? How is her daily life?

Anna is a close 28 years – old woman who fights for making her dreams come true. My daily life consists in working and uploading content to my social networks; and at the moment I am studying a Master Degree on Digital Law

¿Quién es Anna Alegret? ¿Cómo es un día diario en tu vida?

Soy una chica de 28 años, cercana y que lucha por conseguir sus sueños. Entre semana mi día a día consiste en trabajar, subir contenido en las redes sociales y actualmente por las tardes estoy estudiando un Máster en Derecho Digital. 

Are you working as lawyer at the moment?

Yes I am, but not in Fashion Law field. This is a hobby yet

Which decision came fist: fashion or law ?

Fashion has been part of my life since I bought my first Vogue magazine when I was 12 years old, so fashion is the one which came first. Law came after.

If fashion was already an important part of yourself, why did you finally decide to devote your life to law?

Because I thought that it would offer more laboral opportunities and because I considered that law was an enriching degree that teaches you many things, it provides you with general knowledge. A Law Degree had always attracted me.  

Was there anything or anyone who inspired you to create The Fashion Law? Have you some referent in your family who have encouraged you in this way?

I am a great fan of a page web called The Fashion Law and I wanted to have my own magazine about Fashion Law in Spanish, so I decided to make it real on Instagram and Twitter. My family and my friends have always supported me with the project and they always say me that everything can be achieved with effort and perseverance.   

Are fashion and law still your passions or have they become your responsibilities? Which hobbies occupy your free time? 

Now law has become one my responsibilities, and fashion is still my passion. I like doing many things. Watching films, documentaries and series; going out with my friends, having a dinner, walking, visiting museums, reading, spending time with my partner or travelling are some of my hobbies.




When  preparing the content, which part do you enjoy researching and writing with?

I have always loved fashion and I like learning about it, how it works and all its evolution. This is the reason why I decided to include Fashion Law sections, because from my point of view, the one who devotes his or her life to it should has a double perspective – legal and fashion – . 

I love investigating and writing this section, sometimes when I am reading a book about fashion I say: I have to write a post about this topic because it is very interesting!. I also love sharing and people to interact with me. . 

May be history is my favourite part (fashion from other times, different brands´ history, great designers´ lives) but in general I love working on any section.

What do we find in @defashionlaw?

The project began with the web page and the blog, but suddenly a realised that it was very difficult to reach people and make it public without social networks, thus I created accounts of Fashion Law on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and I called them @defashionlaw in order to make people to  see what my project was about.

In my social networks you may find different things: my articles, as well as other articles I find interesting to share, case analysis about Fashion Law, inspo photos, Fashion Week and red carpets analysis, news related to the fashion industry, my notes about the history of fashion, etc. My account has become a website where you may go to find information about the fashion world in all its aspects and is not only focused on Fashion Law.  

How did this idea emerge?

When I discovered the Fashion Law discipline I started to search for a lot of information about the theme such as law suits between fashion brands (for example, the Louboutin case to achieve the protection of its famous red sole), articles about this new tendency, books, blogs, etc. The things that I found were out of Spain and I neither saw a blog and nor Instagram account that talked about the Fashion Law, so I decided to create the website that I was searching for and include the things I would like to read, see and know; the truth is that I have always loved the idea of having a blog in which I could leave proof of some aspects about fashion and that was the key moment. 

Then why did you decide to create a secondary account called @defashionlaw_academy?

I post inspo photos on the feed of my primary account, as well as I share information about the history of fashion and about Fashion Law on stories. At the beginning I left all the stories on “noted”, but because of pragmatism I thought that it would be a great idea to create a secondary account to post the same things that were posted in the primary one. That´s how @defashionlaw_academy was born 

What do you expect you reader to think when reading or consulting your accounts?

I would like my readers to find a useful source of information about “Derecho en Tendencia”, the content I offer to be  interesting for them and even to learn new things about law and fashion industry. I created the section “Apuntes de Moda” because I love the history of fashion, the industry, the great designers, the great maisons, etc.

Regarding to the legal articles I know that I have lawyer readers, but I also know that I have many others that don´t so I try to write articles in the most pleasant possible way for people to know about aspects concerned with the industry that are very relevant from the legal point of view (partnership law, the franchises, the licencesm the brads, the industrial designs, e – commerce, etc) Now, people can read my articles on Enrique Ortega Burgos´s website.

How do you combine the management of your accounts and the work that your life as a lawyers involves?

As I said before it is difficult to write an article we you do not have free time, and this is the reason why in my social networks I share extra information about the articles, I like to be  active and not to lose the continuation. If I have an article in mind I have to write it during the weekend and it is difficult to find a moment when I am alone and inspired to do it. On the other hand, ,managing the social networks of the blog and thinking about content also requires time, but it is easier to manage because it does not require the same concentration. Anyway, I always find a moment for anything and I also enjoy a lot with it, it is like an escape for me.

When did you start with the blog? What has happened to it?

When I started “Derecho en Tendencia” I opened a blog to share my legar articles; later Enrique Ortega Burgos suggested me writing in his web page (the best regarding to Fashion Law in Spanish), so I decided to close my blod due to lack of time and start to collabirate with them. I write articles about Fashion Law and fashion here (especially about the history of the most important luxury brands like Chanel, Armani, Versace, Loewe, Balenciaga, etc).

Do you remember your hardest moment in social networks? What do you enjoy the most? What do you enjoy the less? 

Fortunately I have not hard moments in social networks, I try to not to take part in polemics and focus my content on fashion and law. I love everything, but if I would have to highlight one moment, I chose when a follower send me a message or ask me about something or congratulate me for the content, this  makes me very happy. I love talking with people and helping others. 

What new projects do you pursue now?

I have some projects related to the Fashion Law in progress. Recently, I was appointed as Assistant to the Direction at AEDM; the association is connected an collaborates with sectorial institutions, brands, creators and professionals that are directly or indirectly related to the fashion sector  and is part of ModaEspaña. We have many work to do and many interesting projects will be released the next year!

And I cannot miss this! I have also a project in mind that will be launched this year if everything goes well. I hope so!


What are your infallible wardrobe basics?

My basics a black skinny jeans, a jacket, a white shirt, basic cotton t – shirts and a pair of Converse. In summer some long dresses do not miss, as well as in winter a pair of Dr. Martens boots along with an oversized long coat

Now something more intimate: a smell that inspires you, a colour that reminds you a place, a shape that is like your personality and the last book you read.

A smell that inspires me:

The smell of the sea. I live between Girona and Barcelona so the sea is very near; in fact one of my favourites plans is to visit the Costa Brava villages during the autumn/ winter time and to sit down in front of the sea to relax. It transmits peace, calm and I have to opportunity to recharge my energy.

A colour that reminds me a place

The white. It reminds me my summers at Calella de Palafrugell, at the Costa Brava. It also reminds me Cadaqués and Ibiza, other of my favourite places. 

A shape:

The equilateral triangle which represents the union of the body, the mind and the soul harmoniously, one quality cannot surpass the others. It is very important to me train the body as well as the mind to be in harmony and without diving priority to one than another. I am also a perfectionist person and this is what the equilateral triangle represents. 

And the last book I read was Teri Agins´s “The end of fashion”. 

Why have you chosen us?

Because you are young women with a project in your hands, so I feel very identified with you. I think that we have to fight for our goals and the things we love! I am very excited about people to know my project and to be interested about it, it is very important to me and I am very grateful to you.  

Finally, how do you see yourself within five years? Tell me a long – term dream you have

I see myself working as a lawyer on my own project or in an office or an enterprise associated with the sector of Industrial  and Intellectual Property and Digital Law. My dream is to have the opportunity to work in the fashion industry as a lawyer and to do by means of a personal project and start up my own legal boutique.

IGTV en @defashionlaw

It is obvious that fashion, law and specifically the fashion business and law Anna´a greatest passions, and that her effort has enabled her to create an unique content and place herself in this area. Her moodboards, articles, posts and IGTV videos are the result of the dedication and illusion she works with. An excellent content. She shows us the most exceptional hideouts of fashion; those one we do not pay attention to and that now we have the opportunity to know thanks to her.

Undoubtedly she is one of these people we must follow! Thank you Anna for all this knowledge that surely will help and inspire future lawyers and entrepreneurs. 

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