Translated by: Pilar Romero

These lines, written from a home office (created because of force majeure) barely a week ago, want to remind us that march, carries on being the women month, with all its letters and connotations. It continues being a month to raise our voice, being the speaker and receptor, but above all, being spokespersons of good news inside this situation that shakes the world and gives us what we never got, time. Time to do a tribute to all women in the world, time to create these lines which want to honour the creative minds behind the big fashion companies, which performed an unprecedented spectacle the last month in fashion weeks.

Looking back, I remember that I opened Instagram – an act that has already become into a reflex action, much to my regret – where were overwhelmed images, stories and posts of the fashion show that started one of the most magical and inspiring seasons, the Fashion Week was welcomed, from the other part of the world, New York Fashion Week 2020.

chanel paris otoño invierno 2019 2020

New York dressed itself as the first Fashion Week, followed by London, Milan and Paris, whose capitals present and represent the fashion rules before all the world (although the only certain rule is there isn ́t any rule).

This month of March gives us a chance to make a tribute to the female creative directors that use fashion as a way to claim social issues as important as feminism and sustainability.

In the face of this new paradigm that has been forged during the last years, Maria Grazia Chiuri, recognized for being the first woman in charge of Dior, is already a milestone to create magical and special atmospheres in all the fashion shows of the French maison. The last fashion show was not going to be less, the last month during the Paris Fashion Week, Dior employed feminism as the principal plot of its catwalk. A catwalk that flooded the floor with newspaper sheets and the walls with neon where you could read phrases that alluded to feminism as “Female love is not a paid work” or another ones that were more radical as “The patriarchy is a climate emergency” a stage that was the result of Maria Grazia ́s creativity and feminist collective Claire Fontaine.

Dior Paris Fashion Week 2020

From a French maison to the personified revolution, Stella McCartney, pioneer in the cruelty free and her strong commitment with sustainability, was the environmental spokeswoman on this Fashion Week 2020. The British designer, knowing as being an animal defender, neither uses fur nor leather in any of her designs (as Calvin Klein and Gucci also do), made people to talk in the last fashion show.

A fashion show marked by elegant, comfortable and fluid garments, as usual in her collections, where some models came together dressed from head to toe of animals, as a cow, a crocodile a fox.

Stella McCartney desfile 2020

“There’s never been a moment when we had had more hope of finishing with the leather an fur use in fashion, a practice that is cruel for animals and harmful to the planet”, said after catwalk Stella McCartney, a call to fashion industry with the aim of fighting against the use of animal is this millionaire industry.

You have to keep in mind that fashion is not what it was – luckily– it ́s a new game where gamers, rules and stages have exploded, and like that, to provide fashion with total freedom to be spokesperson of the social demands that you want.

And what do you want to give voice to?

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