Translated by Sofía Jiménez

If we had to choose a basic, we undoubtedly would choose it, the white shirt, because it is so versatile that it could solve any look.

There is no garment that does not combine with the white shirt, either with jeans; opened, closed or tied skirts…We could continue until creating a long list of possible combinations.

An elegant garment as well as simple

In spite of being with us season after season, a different touch is always applied to it. 

But this time, the white shirt has recreated itself in every sense. It has adopted new forms and shapes transforming its natural delicacy to transform it into the star garment in any look. 

In the last season we have been witness of this evolution through asymmetries, embroideries, volumes and other details that have been being incorporated. 

It would even dare to say that the white shirt has come to make a place for itself in our party looks.

Now it´s time to indicate the keys to get right this summer:


Regarding the volume of the sleeves, in this case the size does matter. Puff sleeves became the tendency of the last autumn, and we have kept on watching them in shop windows, social media and street style.

We have seen them in wintry clothes and now we start to see its most summertime version (short sleeves)

Puff sleeves will give your look a modern touch as well as romantic and sophisticated. They are flashy and they also slenderise your body, specially the shoulders, making an effect of shoulder pads.

And of course, our loved white shirt could not overlook this tendency that is perfect for it. 

Ralph Lauren (130€)


We could describe them as the substitute of the disco collar.

But the most popular owns are those ones that have a round cut, also known baby collar. A format that has always been described as cheesy, but that is showing promise to be the preppy tendency of the season, providing a romantic touch for our looks..

Pull and Bear (9,99€)


It is not new that XL shirts are in tendency, becuase they have been with us for a long time.

In fact, this tendency has reached to the point of being used as dress.  

But if you want is to be the most ‘it’, test the white shirt in its wider version slenderising your body with a corset.

ASOS (48,99€)

The final guide for white shirts in this summer concludes here, and now the last thing is to go out in order to wear them when it is possible. 

Gemma Espinosa

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