Translated by Sofía Jiménez
The world is changing, and we all are changing with it by leaps and bounds, but fortunately we always have summer. A different summer, but also very special. A summer flavoured with wanting new adventures, places, pastimes and connecting as we had never done before. It makes us to value the little moments, to laugh with old friends we had not seen for months if it was not through a screen. The dinners that taste life and the table talks that last until the wee hours of the morning.
Sumer will always be our summer because there are not many things more made in Spain than a summer at ours shores soaked by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, or the sunsets at the islands or “el Camí de Ronda molt toca’t per la tramuntana“.
We are at this break point in which the brands have shown our most creative side, from Baymo floral dresses ; Avec Studio light and hazy skirts; Caro Luna Brand swimsuits and bikinis that we all have been watching during all these months ; to Insomnia summery and island dresses and Elaness limited edition midi skirts. 


The Catalan brand gave birth to a wonderful first collection made with Mónica Aurell´s passion and care. After months of work, she had to put off the launching of her collection due to the COVID -19, what supposed a change in the concept and in the work to launch her first collection, that was very successful.
The brand is born due to Mónica´s necessity to find dresses and garments to special events that join design and tendency, together with original prints that make a difference. Undoubtedly, the main characteristic of the brand is the variety of designs and styles in order to make any daring, feminine and stylish women feel identified when wearing some of the garments.
Among the different designs of the collection, we can highlight some plain or printed tunics, with shirt – like collar or cut – out details at the neckline, dresses with a more elegant touch by means of flounces and asymmetric cuts, long balloon sleeves, midi dresses with braces that can adopt different forms creating different options at the neckline, top and skirt total looks and open backs.
Undoubtedly, BAYMO essences are the prints: from floral motifs, to abstract details. The brand displays at least eleven prints in its first launching, and many more prints will be revealed during the season. The majority of the prints are painted by Mónica what makes the dresses more special and exclusive.

Cortesía de la marca


This brand was born at April 2019, and is characterised by two main concepts; the first one is defined in its slogan “React against commonness”, that makes reference to the necessity to stand out among the rest; to be different, with personality and self – confidence. They make different garments betting on the prints and the combination of colours
And the second one is that the majority of the designs have been thought to combine each other. The looks usually are two pieces sets that can be combined to create outfits that can be daily wore, as well as for wedding and special events.
Regarding to the style of the brand, Avec is romantic and timeless. The prints and the special fabrics have the leading role on the collections, combined with glossy fabrics and with hang. All the process of production is local at Avec, using high quality fabrics from Italy, France, Spain and Korea. Its designer Inés also tells us that they also make dresses on order, all the elemenrs are made in Barcelona and around.  The word “Avec” makes reference to the team that is behind the brand, Inés and her husband Roberts. The project was thought up while they were studying their correspondings Master’s degree in Paris, and as a consequence of that, “Avec” is born in French.

Cortesía de la marca


Its designer Carolina founded the brand for special and daring women, who love standing out among the multitude, Carolina defends that you have to be or wear different to stand out, and because of that every design is original and flashy. 
The name of the brand comes from Carolina´s childhood: when she was seven years old and her pet Luna appeared in her life. Since then, everybody calls her Caro Luna, a beautiful form that she feels specially identified with, and because of that she did not hesitate over calling her brand like this.
“I am a very happy person and this is what I like to show when wearing or designing something. I always wear colours and prints. Black is not my colour”
This is the reason why they only make limited edition garments and they also give the clients the opportunity to create customized and tailor – made in order to be the only ones who have the garment.
The fabrics are its quality mark, not only on the garments but also on swimwear, which are one of its hallmarks, that are also the most seen on Instagram.

Cortesía de la marca


Lucia Carboni, a young woman from Barcelona with Italian roots and a traveller spirit, created Insomnia Studio in 2017 after participating at an exchange to Boston and knowing an Indian girl with whom she shared the passion for fashion. Two years after the experience at Boston, they reunited again and this time Lucia fell head over heels for the wonderful Indian fabrics, and this way Insomnia Studio was born at the room of a little hotel of the “Eixample”. 
The beginning was a collection of long and short caftans preparing events of Friends&family. After the success, the dress was the second icing on the cake, which has become the star garment, with a simple and elegant design, on plane and printed fabrics from the India, as well as the new double faced tops.
Insomnia Studio has many plans for the future, in which the hallmark of the brand is to create timeless garments that are easy to wear and have this stylish factor without loosing the creativity and the freedom.
Lucia´s goal has always been to wear women to make them feel feminine, connected to nature, powerful, free and that transmit happiness when being self – confident. 
“Our wish is to be your favourite reason to lose sle

Cortesía de la marca


The brand presents Calm from chaos for women eager to conquer the world. A proposal with personality composed of two unique midi skirts and two – coloured combination – flame and pale – that fit to the feminine body. A design that synonym of comfort, spontaneity and elegance. An unique and timeless garment made on sateen.
Elaness is born by the hand of Lorena and Sara, with values of social responsibility, ethic and produced in Barcelona. According to their values, the production is local and with limited units in order to not to create an stock excess, without seasons or collections ; Lorena and Sara want to position midi skirts in an inspiring and romantic way. 

Cortesía de la marca

All credits for Baymo, Avec Studio, Caro Luna Brand, Insomnia Studio, Elaness.


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