Translated by Susanna Purrà

Jacquemus brought to light a more intimate collection, mostly presented to his family and friends, giving the opportunity to humble fabrics and objects with we live and ‘who have their own poems to tell’.

In its last Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Jacquemus, arranged an amazing fashion show that cringed us to an idyllic spring, where their models walked through lavender fields. A show that made us daydream with its absorbing patterns and vibrant colors wish the typical Italian home ambiance. 

After the giant global disaster we’re in, the brilliant French designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus, has decided to confront the situation giving us a huge message through this season; we need to proclaim more love than ever but respecting the security measures in this critical situation. And so is how it was lived this fashion show, were this security distances bringed us to take a step forward to this “new normality”.

Love has being the engine behind this collection

Keeping up with its unic line and à ciel ouvert, for this Spring/Summer 2021 collection he opted for a marvellous wheat field located in Val- d’Osie (France) with the golden reflections that let appreciate the minimal collection in earth shades, beige, off white, yellow and ecru, in the most rustic style and under the afternoon sun.

Jacquemus not only has found the way to go ahead, but according to its motto has decided to bring its appreciation of love to its followers through their screens, recreating itself in a marvellous instagram live in its Instagram profile @jacquemus, that has caused an immensity of applause and congratulations from all his  followers.

In its collection we can appreciate a big amount of asimetric pieces, loose, with knots, satin and different fabrics and colors hinting at an authentic summer and where our vestment implies a touch of freedom.

And of course, in this show it could not be missed the huge accessories collection of the brand, letting us see how the designer works with sizes and different materials in the creation of its iconic collection Le Chiquito -the very tiny bag-, betting for the golden colors and the geometric forms in its majority.

Jacquemus has explained that “not much after my team spread, everyone of us were at our respective homes feeling the desire of work, and it appeared a new vision of the collection. We became a human chain, doing every and each step of the creative process with love. In fact, every decision I take concerning Jacquemus is motivated first by love and then by common sense”.

That’s why this collection is called “L’Amour”. And it is without any doubt, the biggest success possible after this time of distancing that we have had to live.

Enola Gómez

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