Different national swimwear brands have combined originality and sustainability during the summer time.

This year we all have been yearning for the arrival of summer, an atypical one that we have had to adapt to in the best way possible and that undoubtedly has left its mark on any of us. Looking back, it was not clear the time when we could enjoy the first beach day with our friends, or the holidays with our family in some place at the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, or at some island or event the cold weather of the North. Wherever it was, what it’s clear is that we should bet for Made in Spain at that difficult situation.
Now more than ever, that national production is being affected by the current situation, and this is the reason why we understand the necessity to give some support to the little enterprises to promote the consumption and show some new brands. 
In About Models we have created our own way to make the little emergent enterprises visible, by means of the creation of a section in which we already showed original accessories and now we continue showing the best bikinis and swimsuits Made in Spain.


It was born in Bali and created in Bilbao in 2019 by the hand of Patricia Van Herckenrode, a 27 years old girl from Vizcaya. Volett is a term that comes from the union of two verbs: to want in French (‘vouloir‘) and to ‘let’, which reflect the personality and the charisma of the women that wear its garments. 
It is a brand that defines itself as daring an lively, and that seeks strongly not only its goals, but also its commitment with the preservation of the environment. This detail makes its fashion project to be sustainable and ethic. It is identified by its beautiful designs and funny prints. which represent the character of modern women making that women to feel unique and special when wearing one of its products. 
A totally sustainable brand, and the thread used to make its garments, known as ECONYL, corroborated it: a nylon thread produced by means of materials that have been picked up from the sea. Its packagings are recycled, recyclable and reusable. The brand also supports little producer community through the practice of the fair trade and encouraging the national production. 

Maialen Moreno VOLETT



It was born the last year at a terrace in Barcelona by the hand of the designer Tatiana Cavelier and the entrepreneurial Andreu Tomàs, as a result of a summery romance. Petit Bain is a swimwear brand that bets for sustainability – beyond the materials – and the responsibility when manufacturing.
Culture, creativity and authenticity are the principles that define and characterize its project. They produce hard – wearing clothes by using simple designs, giving quality to the products and making it a minimalist and timeless brand. In order to do so they use the best Italian lycra, a material that not only is sustainable, but also provide a magnificent colour to the designs. 
The brand is fully committed to sustainability, and this is the reason why they responsibly manufacture, launching little capsule collections and collaborating with the little factories that share the same labour values and rights. They also support Made in Spain,  the production is completely local. The manufacture of all its garments is carried out in the idyllic and Mediterranean Costa Brava.
Having been inspired by the life that is carried out during summer, they have decided to continue developing the brand not only expanding it, but creating  collection of swimsuits for men.

Sofia Hamela Petit Bain



It was 2012 the year when two siblings called Aleandra and Manuel Meler Ola, decided to créate Robin Collection in Barcelona. It began as an escape for their creativity, getting away from their true professions. They finally achieved to expand themselves and continue with the brand as a “family project surrounded by good vibes”.
We may consider Robin Collection as one of the referente brand in our country, the different influencers that have collaborated with the brand, such as Marina Muñoz, demostraste it. By means of that they have achieved much more importance on its area and a great recognition on its social networks.
“A fresh work full of quality”. This is how the young and enthusiastic brand defines its works, which also tranmits originality by playing with the tendencies and the prints that we can see in all its designs. This brand follows the traditional style of the swimsuits, being the bikinis the star product, but always trying to give them a renewed and youthful touch along with comfort and personality.

Mariña Muñoz Robin Collection



It was created the last year by Carolina and Miguel. Infivé  is a Spanish brand that reminds us the 90’s aesthetics. It designs are elegant, femenine and comfortable; they are the perfect ones to go to the beach, as well as to combine them with a dress or jeans.
The brand is identified by its renewed aesthetic, but it still maintain the elegant characteristics of its cut patterns at the waist and the high long – trouser. Their swimsuits are minimalism and produced with high quality Italian fabrics. And taking a step forward to sustainability, they use sustainable materials in the manufacture of their garments. At the moment they are trying to guarantee the preservation of the environment in their deliveries, using recyclable materials to reinforce this commitment. 
They started creating only one-piece until they have decided to create a new collections of bikinis without seams and that fits any type of body.

Elena Brotons Infive



After finishing her studies at Communicatino, Styling and Fshion Image at the course IED in Madrid, Lia Mata decided to do the final project of her degree on her own rand, becoming this way the founder of IAPARD in 2017. The brand was born between Barcelona and Madrid, a mixture between her roots in Barcelona together with her experience and the professionalism that she acquired in Madrid. 
IAPARD defines itself as original, versatile and useful, and we can demonstrate by the fact that their products can be used not only for bathing, but for doing sport or going out; its reusable packaging can be used later as toilet bag. The brand highlights by its soul and its values, and these are the things that it wants to transmit to the community, that it would like to count on with to do plans such as beach cleaning and event of mediation and yoga. 

“Water is the soul of the Earth”

A motto that representa part of its commitment with the environment and its valúes, which reinforce its sustainability and durability of its garments. All its bikinis last more than five years due to the quality of the rubor, the fabric and the trimmings of its elements. Moreover its fabrics have an OEKO TEX certificate, which means that they are harmful substance free. They also collaborate with the reduction of the emission of carbon dioxide, because the production takes place in Barcelona, as well as the majority of its suppliers, avoiding this way numerous deliveries. If that were not enough, the brand supports the local economy, worrying about the current situation and encouraging the product of little local enterprises.

Karla Gorive Iapard



Femenine, romantic and Mediterranean designs. This is how Bohodot swimwear collections are, a brand created in 2012 by Peque de Fortuny and her daughter Cristina Torras, who began this project betting for the work with Spanish producers and suppliers.
Its designs are characterised by subte details, dedícate embroideries and care finishing touches, that as they uphold, are made with “care and passion”. They have different collections that bohemian and freedom loving girls wear. 
They also bets for sustainability and its garments have an OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certificate, guaranteeing the responsible use of chemical products in its production. We add to this the fact that the 50% of its current fabrics come from recycled nylon that produced by means of rests of plastic that are found in the Mediterranean Sea. They also use cotton bags that are produced at their ateliers in Barcelona to wrap the products that are sent to their clients. 

Sara Baceiredo Bohodot



Olga Bazán, together her daughter Maria, created in 2018 KAMUKALE, a bikinis brand with a national production, from the dye that is used for the designs to the fabrication at different factories of Spain. 
Simplicity is its main characteristic. Its simple but crafted patterns make their bikinis to be comfortable and adaptable to any body and taste, moreover they can be tied with bows and spaghettis. Other remarkable aspect is that they themselves are the ones who choose the right tone to create every pint, working meticulously on them to create the perfect one. 
They are made with high quality lycra, and this is what gives us the opportunity to bath with them numerous times without being damaged. Moreover, the majority of the bikinis and swimsuit are covered with polyamide, in order to reinforce them and this way to choose the color we like the most. 

Elisa Serrano Kamukale

All credits for Volett, Petit Bain, Robin Collection, Infivé, Iapard, Bohodot, Kamukale, Maialen Moreno, Sofia Hamela, Marina Muñoz, Elena Brotons, Karla Gorive, Sara Baceiredo, Elisa Serrano


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