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The five trends that will accompany us in 2024

The ribbons and navy blue will continue in our closet, animal print will dominate pants
and sneakers, transparencies will be white and the “more is more” trend returns, with large
necklaces and maxi rings


A new year begins, and with it, fashion adapts, bringing us new collections and styles. Many people in this 2024 are looking to change their way of dressing and even reinvent themselves. Being faithful to all trends is expensive and complicated; we may not feel identified or find them to our liking. Therefore, before acquiring any garment or accessory following a passing trend, you should ask yourself how and where you will use it

We can now put away the velvet or glitter, as in this new season, we won’t need them. The strong upcoming trends distance themselves from these types of garments. We’ll tell you about the trends you should be aware of and keep an eye on.






First of all, ribbons will continue to be part of this 2024. We already saw them last year in hair, clothing and shoes, and they will continue in colors such as black, red, pale pink or white. Moreover, they will come in different sizes: thinner, thicker, smaller or larger. This trend welcomes all kinds of formats, embracing the girlcore aesthetic.

We continue with the navy blue, one of the most versatile and elegant tones in the world of fashion. It complements all hair and skin tones. This color infiltrates styles such as silent luxury or old money, a trend that remains on the rise.





The beloved, and in somes cases, hated animal print returns. Yes, as you read. Leopard print is trending again. This time, we’ll see it mainly on pants and sneakers. The furor has been unleashed by Adida’s Samba, in collaboration with Wales Bonner, which sold out within minutes upon its release.

There’s also room for transparencies, which are very present in most collections year after year. In this case, white transparencies will take the lead. We’ll see them in different styles, from plain tones to pieces combined with textures or jewel embellishments.








As for accessories, the “more is more” trend is back. If minimalist jewelry was the choice before, that fashion has come to an end. Chunky jewelry is making a strong comeback. An ode to extravagant through thick links, maxi rings or hoops. Large necklaces combined with basic colored clothing will take center stage.

We are confident that some of these trends will make their way into your wardrobe this season. Just make them yours by combining them with your own style