I’ve been loving fashion since I was a child. I have always been attracted of clothes and styles from movies and TV shows I saw, the ones that I tried to copy or take them to my own style. Now, that love is consolidated and it’s not enough for me to just see the looks in the screen, but I need to look for something more specific that show me the fashion world from inside not just the outside. That’s why I decided to share with you a list of the best movies, TV shows, documentaries, and books. The ones that I love or I have been recommended and the ones who help me to know more about the fashion system.
Most of the series, movies and documentaries can be easily found in platforms like Netflix or HBO.

The classics about fashion you can’t avoid.

We start with the most referral, The devil wears Prada. Probably we all have seen that film once in our lives. It’s never enough to watch it again and take in account the work in the most important fashion magazine in the world, Vogue USA instead of the story of the characters. It’s been said that the film is a light adaptation of the book Front Row, an unauthorized biography of the chief editor of Vogue USA, Anna Wintour
película de moda El diablo viste de Prada
Libro de moda Front Row
My very best favorite is Sex and the City, both ones, of my beloved Sarah Jessica Parker. And it’s not necessary to mention the TV show that it’s never enough to watch. It’s a classic, but you can learn a lot about fashion from that story, both from runways, designers, the work with fashion brands, as the evolution in style around that many years that have been filming the story (1998 to 2010). Although, this date may change cause there are rumors about a new sequel of the life of this four friends.
Película de moda Sex and the city

Anything different from the classics?

Desert flower. It’s a biography, based on a book, that tells the difficult story of an African model that emigrates to London in a search of a better life and escaping from the bad treats of the African customs. It’s a very recommended film in all the ways, not just to see how she becomes one of the most renown models, also to show the bad treats that woman suffer in many countries and the fight for equality of women.
Película de moda Flor del desierto

Do you prefer to watch bit by bit?

Girlboss is a TV show I discover some months ago on Netflix, that tells the story of how was the brand Nasty Gal created. The reality it’s a little bit changed to be more attractive, it’s true, but it’s worth it to watch it, also it’s so short, just one season. With the same name and talking about the same person, it exists a book, but it’s focused in entrepreneur more than in fashion, but if you are interested in starting a new business related to fashion or another sector, it’s so interesting.


Nothing like a good fashion documental.

My favorite one for excellence and the one I have seen most is The September Issue (2009). It’s a bit old, but it’s a story that repeats every spring-summer. It shows the preparation, layout and final presentation of the September edition of the Vogue USA magazine, which is the most important of the year. Starred by the very same Anna Wintour, and complemented with lots of anecdotes from partners and friends of her, between them Grace Coddingtonn, model and now creative director of Vogue USA, who is one of the most iconic people in the fashion world, both for her story and from her style.
Documental de moda The September Issue
A documental I have on my recommended list is Lagerfeld confidential. As the name suggests, it’s about the enigmatic designer Karl Lagerfeld. Since it’s an iconic character of the fashion world I’m sure it’s worth it to watch it, and I’ll love to know if you have seen and what you think about it.
documental de moda Lagerfeld Confidential

A good lecture? My favorite part…

My first recommendations are two that can be so well complemented. One of them is The Fashion Book, in both normal or pocket edition. In this book, we can find biographies and anecdotes of the most important and iconic designers, models, photographers, editors, public figures… And in second place The Fashion English Bible, which, as its name indicates is in English only. It is a dictionary specialized in fashion, including tips, specialized vocabulary, expressions

A book that I have on my list of pending is the biography of Grace Coddington, titled Grace. As I mentioned before is one of the most important iconic fashion characters and therefore this book is highly recommended in any collection of fashion books and which I hope will soon be in mine.
Libro de moda Grace
And finally, a book that serves as a base to learn more about the world of fashion, is the Atlas of the great fashion designers. This concrete is from the publisher Susaeta.
Libro atlas de grandes diseñadores de moda
I hope you find this selection of series, books, films, and documentaries very useful and tell me what you have found, both here and on social networks if you prefer, and comment if you have more recommendations that are not in this post so that we can all see them.
See you soon here!



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