Translated by Susanna Purrà Quarantine has made us rethink a lot of our daily life moments, now, we value more the “beers under the sun” moments, going out for a jogging session or having dinner with our relatives. It’s true that quarantine had it’s cons; however, we don’t want to forget the good things that has brought us, for example, creativity.With this post we want to portray the magnifique and optimistic covers that have been posted during the months of april and may. The first cover that came out was the wonderful April issue from Vogue Portugal. Through a romantic image, it was one of the pioneering magazines in clearly communicate its concern about Covid-19, giving to all of their readers a positive and hopefull message. It has become an icon, a magazine that everybody want to have at home, so much that they ran out of units in Vogue Portugal’s website soon. According to a Vogue issue, each magazine themes are chosen six months ahead and in the past April edition the theme chosed was “Freedom”, hence the claim that goes with its two covers: “Freedom on hold” making a reference to this freedom that we couldn’t enjoy, “Freedom on hold”, a concept that they reflect with something as basic as a couple’s kiss through masks, a cover so iconic and romantic yet so realistic and necessary. Its second cover, not as recognized as the first one, is worth of being commenting. A girl with her eyes illuminated by a sun ray that come from her window. Through this image and the other claim of the magazine “Fear will not stop us”, Vogue wanted to encourage all of its readers illustrating that light of hope that will lead us to a normality in wich we will be better and stronger. Keeping with Vogue, travelling to Italy and, with its April edition too, we find a cover never seen before. Vogue Italia changed all of their plans for April to give visibility to the sanitary crisis that we lived. Simply a blank canvas. Why a blank cover? The italian edition wanted to show hope, purity and respect for those who are leaving the skin for all of us in their white uniforms. A white canvas that, aside from alowing us to write what we lived, the time at home and the creativity that we are training, brings us the oportunity to create a little book with everything that is going to come later, a canvas form that allow us to write down all the plans and projects that will start after the quarantine. White is poetry, a white that we will stain and fill with ideas and happines sooner than we expect. This two Vogue editions have been the pioneers in trasmiting a message of support for the Covid-19 and they will be an icon for the history. They will remember us what we lived on its most creative and hoping way. On May’s edition, a lot of magazines have joined this beautiful movement through the most exciting messages. Among them, Condé Nast Spain on its full under the claim #SoñamosJuntos (#DreamTogether). claim conde nast All the magazines from the group have come together to communicate that together we are stronger and will pass what remains of this crisis dreaming (together) in what we will do later.
Vogue Spain transmits this through a cover that yearn freedom. An illustration made by Ignasi Monreal that, among the claim “Never being apart made us feel so close” pretends bring closer all the people that everyday look at its bit of sky through a balcony. An illustration that evoques hope above uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow.
AD, the decoration magazine from the group, has decided to focus its attention on our homes and, mostly, to thank them. They have wanted to bring visibility to something so important as a home through a collaboration with different artist that have shoot their favourite corners. An ode to spaces and the value of comfort through styling and decoration, something that these days we thank so much.
Traveler brings us a pump of energy and optimism through the kiss of a couple inside two cars, something that soon we will do again. With the claim “The path is life”, invites us to dream about the places that we will discover when this is all over.
Glamour delights us with a cover full of colour that brings us to fields full of daisies tipicals from spring. Among the claim “Forever is not that much of time”, invites us to reflect about time, value what we have and take care of it so it can last all life, forever, something that sometimes is not possible and that, those days, we are testing with the lifestyle change we are developing.
GQ too has decided to bring visibility to the life that we are going to dealing with when this is all over through the title “Another life, another strenght”. Something so mundane like preparing breakfast has been reinvented incorporating basic hygienic measures that Covid-19 requires. An image that open up our eyes to the new post-coronavirus life in wich we will need to find strenght to carry on. A cover that transmitted us the importancy of alternatives but that reafirm us that we can with everything!
Vanity Fair has decided to support our heroes, all the sanitary people who are giving their lives for us, that are risking themself everyday to stop the sanitary crisis we are living An emotive illustration from Emiliano Ponzi that make us think and transmite us the light that we are starting to see at the end of the tunnel.
Vogue Business has decided to present a cover illustrated by Maika Favre that infects us wiht a community feeling that we are developing these days. With the claim “The leadership of solidarity” they give special importance to dealing with something so fundamental like the management of dificult and unexpected situations, always from solidarity. Changing the group, Hearst has done it too but not one or two but three covers for May’s Elle edition. With the claim “#EverythingGonnaBeOkay and summer will come” brings us to that summer evenings waiting for the sunset. In the first cover, Alessandra Ambrosio with a high neck in rainbow’s colors, an icon that has invaded this quarantine. Fun fact, this photography was taken and assigned to this number before knowing what was going to happen, a coincidence that surprised us. In the second one, the same model in the beach, an image that overflows freshness and allows us to visualize ourselfs in the beach in the next few month. Finally, the last cover has a very tender illustration from Coco Dávez with the title “Hugs will come back”, something that we want so much to recover.
Other magazines from the group that has transmited hopefull messages through quotes in its covers have been Harper’s Bazaar with “That wich separates us now unites us more” and “We keep dreaming”, Elle Decoration with “Talent continues”; and Cosmopolitan with “Everythings gonna be okay”.
Finally, InStlye México, Telva and MarieClaire have shown too it support through claims like “#StayAtHome”, “Dressing up again” and “Hello future!” respectively.
Magazines have been an inspiration source and an essential support during quarantine. They have taught us that, to survive any situation and overcome every obstacle it is necessary to be transparent, inform and fight day after day the reality we are living. Fomenting creativity and exercicing it is something precious and it looks like this covers have made it!

Núria Ventura

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