Translated by Sofía Jiménez

A colourful and vibrant summer with pastel tones. During summer time we could see numerous tendencies, but it is clear that this summer has been characterized by crayola colours; yellow, orange, pale pink and purple are the successful colours of the year. We started to see them the last year at catwalks, shop windows and our favourite influencers´ looks, and finally the following colours caught completely our attention this 2020 summer.


Camila Coelho @camilacoelho

Jeanette Madsen @_jeanettemadsen_

Jeanette Madsen + Thora Valdimars

This colour is also called “butter cream”, and not only provides a sweet touch to our outfits and but that is also very flattering colour. 

Having got used to see more intense and bright tones of this colour, this sweet variety transforms every garment that we wear into an elegant and subtle ones. This variety of yellow has been one of the most successful colours of the season, being seen in multiple combinations, some of them more daring than others because the colour had been combined with other stronger colours in order to create outfits full of personality. 

A colour that represents happiness, energy and brightness, usually related to the sun and gold, and that produces on people feelings like happiness and optimism


Leonie Hanne @leoniehanne

Xenia Adonts @xeniaadonts


“Orange is the new black”, as Jodie Foster said in her awarded Netflix serie. A colour that not only fits with any skin tone, but that catches completely our attention. It is psychologically associated to exoticism, fun and enthusiasm, because of that is the perfect colour to live the summer mood.

Orange is the attention colour, you will not be unseen wherever you go. It is highly recommended to use it in plane garments without volume, because the colour itself adds volume to them, and fortunately orange is the chosen colour by the insiders that were at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Among celebrities and influencers, we could also see that orange may become the colour of the following season.

It advertised the end of the season, but also the beginning of the fall, so take over a garment or reuse a summery one, that orange has come to stay.


Aimee Song @aimeesong

Viktoria Rader @vikyandthekid

Viktoria Rader @vikyandthekid

Matilda Djerf @matildadjerf

We all fell in love with it when it arrived with jacket and trousers total looks. Pale pink brings our feminine a subtle side our, now being combined with sneakers, hoodies and tailoring in order to highlight our girl power, and even we may find it in dresses and accessories to create a romantic and delicate look without falling into the showiness this colour was associated to.

Pale pink is identified with charming, politeness, sensibility and sentimentalism, it is a feminine, sweet and cute colour that during Rococo was a vital symbol of the French aristocracy that echoed romanticism, fantasy and delicacy.

It is the perfect tone for summer, because it accepts a vast number of tones when combining it. Encourage yourself to include it into your wardrobe!


Linda Tol @lindatol_

Erica Pelosini @ericapelosini

Blair Eadie @blaireadiebee

Maria Pombo @mariapombo

Jeanette Madsen @_jeanettemadsen_

Purple has come to stay. Many years ago it reflected nobility, luxury, magic and spirituality. It was use for the invitation cards that were handed over to celebrate Elizabeth II´s coronation (July 2nd 1953). It was difficult to create this colour, because of that its usage was kept for individuals with great privileges such as emperors or religious figures of the high hierarchy. 

Independency, intuition and creativity are attributed to it. It is related to mystery, and because of that purple is the favourite colours of different people such as artists and great fashion designers that are not out in this opinion. It is a very inspiring tone that invites to originality through creative projects.

An intense tone that can be used in a total look, as well as with neutral tones and vibrant colours achieving a powerful union



Lilac has been seen many times during the summer time, it was among in 2020 winter, and has not stopped being a tendency this last summer.

Few months ago we wrote an article called “SS’20 Zara´s essentials of the season”, in which you will be able to find more information about this tendency. 

Artículo "Esenciales de la temporada SS'20 de Zara"

Hanna Stefansson @hannastefansson

And even thought summer has finished, some of these colours will continue in our wardrobe more time. Orange does not leave us this autumn, because it will be tendency on street style looks. May be it is time to say goodbye to purple, which is being replaced by metallic tones and red. Are you ready for a new season?

All credits for Aimee Song, Blair Eadie, Camila Coelho, Erica Pelosini, Fe Noel, Hanna Stefansson, Jeanette Madsen, Leonie Hanne, Linda Tol, Maria Pombo, Matilda Djerf, Thora Valdimars, Viktoria Rader, Xenia Adonts.


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