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Few days ago, I had the pleasure to visit the city of Oporto for the third time. I loved it so much that we have decided to post a list with recommendations and the places where we were during the days that the treavel lasted.
First Day.
We decided to stay at the Coosy Hostal, a restored house and situated in the Rúa da Alegría nº 539.

After dropping the suitcases, we visited the Praça da Batalha. It is a crowded square full of restaurants and cafeterias with Kig Peter V´s statue in its centre

Then, we were suggested visiting Mr Louis I Bridge in the twilight, that is situated over the Duero River and joins Oporto and Vila Nova da Gaia. The views from there are amazing and I recommend you to visit it in the evenings. There are two forms to cross it: the first one is above, where the subway also passes and you can arrive to a viewpoint that is near to the cable car of Vila Nova de Gaia. Another form of arriving to it is by crossing under the bridge, from Gustavo Eiffel Avenue to Vila Nova de Gaia.

Later, we wandered for the Ribeira Zone which is considered World Heritage Site and is probably the most touristic neighbourhood of the city. Here, you will find a lot of terraces and restaurants that offer typical Portuguese dishes. After watching the menu of many restaurants, we decided to have a dinner in Beef and Wine restaurant. I also recommend it a lot not only for its delicious food, but the setting where the restaurant was and it decoration.

The first day I chose a jumper and a black sweater from Zara, platform boots and a bag from Purificación García.
Second Day.
The second day began with a visit to the most important square of the town: Libertad Square. This square connects the ancient part of the Oporto with the new one.

If you are also a fan of the famous Vogue magazine you cannot miss the Vogue Café!. This place is situated in the Rúa de Avis nº10 and connects with Infante Sagres Hotel, a luxurious hotel worthy of being the setting of a film. In the hotel, you will be able to taste coffee, cocktails and light dishes.

Another place that you cannot miss is the Miss Pavlova. This place is located in the Rúa do Almada nº13 and is the perfect place to have a bruch. This place also has a shopping zone where you will find different types of products: clothing, books, postcards, objects of decoration, etc.

There is no other perfect place to eat than Cantina 32! This famous place is located in Rúa das Flores nº32. If it has a great impression in the photos, you cannot imagine how delicious everything is.

After having a lunch, we visited The Souls Chapel, this chapel is situated in Rúa de Santa Catarina, and is is one of the most famous chapels in Oporto.

You cannot leave Oporto without visiting the most beautiful and trendy street of the whole city: Rúa das Flores. This pedestrian street is full of restaurants, shops and historical buildings

As you can see in the photos, my second look was a Vichy checks suit and a pair of sneakers from Zara.
Third Day.
The third and the last day was the most special due to the visit to Lello Bookshop. This bookshop is located in the Rúa de las Carmelitas nº144 and undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful bookshop of the world. The reason why the visit to the place was so special was that this place inspired J. K. Rowling while she was writing “Harry Potter”.

You have to buy a ticket that costs 5€ before doing the queue, that will be taken off if you buy a book inside the shop.

My last recommendation is that you get lost in the amazing hideouts that Oporto has.
My third look was a pair of  metalized Slouchy trousers from Zara, and sweatshirt with embossed sleeves from PULL&BEAR.


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